The short story… 

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Having a passion for people, cars, technology, music, & problem solving, our founder Tim Manning set out to build a family of companies with the goal of servicing clients with a reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly team of people who love what they do. 

Car Tech Details is an organically grown car long term paint care, protection, and customization small business whose team is focused on providing the absolute best customer experience in the industry combined with cutting edge services to enhance the overall vehicle experience of every one of our clients.

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The longer story…

Tim Manning

This version of the story starts back in the early ’90s when Tim was a teenager who started to modify home electronics, became laser-focused on car audio, and picked up his first bass guitar.  Spending the next several years performing in bands, installing car sound systems for friends, and repairing home electronics for family and coworkers, it was time to focus on a career path.

It was around 1997 when he started his professional journey into car and consumer electronics.  This was the year that he got certified in car electronics and landed his first industry job installing car sound systems, alarm systems, etc at a large corporate store.  Within 6 months he had been assigned to running the garage as a lead technician and had started building custom sound systems for show cars. He was eighteen years old.

In 1998 there was a small car detail shop opening up in Basking Ridge that was interested in expanding to a full line of electronics and so began the next stepping stone in the journey.  Managing the shop for the next several years, building relationships with the community, installing custom electronics systems for high-end vehicles, training personnel, and eventually helping the company to grow into home electronics, this experience made it evident that building strong relationships with his team, clients, and the community as well as doing quality work for all of them was his top interest and priority.  

In 2002 he stepped away from the shop for a year and wrote an advanced training course at a private car audio installation school in Kenilworth, NJ on interior customization and advanced audio.  The course focused on designing and building custom speaker and subwoofer enclosures, building fiberglass panels, basic upholstery techniques, working with plexiglass, ABS plastic forming, and acoustical theory.  While teaching at the school he also rewrote the basic installation course and updated it to the newest products and standards of that particular year.

Tim Manning

All the while he had studied audio engineering for live sound reinforcement and recording and was actively performing these services for bands, local venues, towns, and schools in his free time.

In 2005 it was time for a new phase.  He started his first company, SDC Studios, with the intention to set out to record bands in their practice spaces and to offer live sound systems for their shows.  For the first year, this was working well; however, he never saw what was about to happen.

The influx of clients who had previously known his work in home installations and car installations had quickly caused the studio work to be put aside for a bit.  At that time it was clear that there was a high demand for a reliable, honest, and friendly tech company which could tackle both of these services. 

To be continued …


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